Thank you. This is Tokuko.


Dear my friends of the overseas

Thank you very much for your warm mails and letters to encourage me,us.

I always think we can’t come back to the past we didn’t have the worries anymore.

I was fortunate as I was not alone in my room on the 10th floor of Ryougoku apt.

This picture shows what I saw when I opened the door.

Can you believe only one or two small things were broken in this status.

As I keep open the door of the microwave oven, the door was broken by the bookshelf fallen down on it.

It took time to make them in order again to clean the rooms. But I know it is because they were not in order from the beginning!

I’m fine and my classes are continuing.

Thinking of the damages and trying to do what we can do for them, we have to go on our daily life as usual. I believe we need to spend money as everyone has to live, not hiding in the shadow trembling with fears.

I’ll have the exhibition at the Wordsworth Museum, Dove Cottagein June.

From July 16th to 23rd I’ll have the Japanese calligraphy class at the Higham Hall in Cumbria UK. It is the 4th summer for me to be there.

And on July 26th, the workshop at the Daiwa Japan House in London.

Please come to see me.

Thank you very much again. Arigatou for  your kindness.


Yours ever


April 5